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Bengaluru Auto Unions To Launch Mobile Apps To Counter Ola, Uber

In a move to counter app-based aggregators Ola and Uber, the auto drivers of Bengaluru are planning to launch their own mobile applications. The Autorickshaw Union (ARDU) and Nandan Nilekani-backed Beckn Foundation plan to launch the Namma Yatri app on November 1.Also Read – Ola, Uber, Rapido Auto Services To Stop In Karnataka? What's Changed So Far | Key Points

According to the Times of India, ARDU President D Rudramurthy said, “App-based aggregators charge Rs 100 minimum fare from customers and give Rs 60 to drivers and take the remaining Rs 40 as commission. Drivers are to ply for Rs 40. After they hiked the fares, there was a drop in customers by 50-60 per cent. We are losing customers. Now only those who want to travel for emergencies and those without vehicles are forced to pay this rate.” Also Read – Seize Ola, Uber Autos Plying Despite Orders to Stop: Karnataka Government

He said they complained to the transport department but there’s been no action against aggregators yet. “Our union plans to launch the Namma Yatri app from November 1. We’ll follow the government-fixed fare and collect an additional Rs 10 as pick-up charges. We also plan to launch a flat Rs 40 fare in 2km radius between Metro stations and residence/office”. Also Read – Ola, Uber, Rapido Auto Services To Stop In Karnataka In Three Days

In Kochi, Yatra App was launched jointly by Kerala Metropolitan Transport Authority (KMTA) and Beckn Foundation in 2021 as part of the open mobility network.

Though the customers are excited about the prospects of this plan previous failed attempts at launching app-based taxi services in the city add to the scepticism. In 2017, a similar attempt was made to launch an app called Namma TYGR by JD(S). But it failed to take off.
In Bengaluru, the minimum auto fare is supposed to be Rs 30 for the first 2km and Rs 15 per additional Km. Passengers complain that app-based aggregators are charging Rs 100 minimum fare for auto.

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