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North Korea Launches Suspected Ballistic Missile, Says Japan PMO

SEOUL: North Korea has launched a suspected ballistic missile, the Japan PMO said on Saturday. The Japan Coast Guard reported the possible ballistic missile from North Korea appears to have already fallen.Also Read – North Korea Says Kim Jong Un Supervised Cruise Missile Tests

Earlier on Tuesday, North Korea conducted its longest-ever weapons test, a nuclear-capable ballistic missile that flew over Japan and could reach the U.S. Pacific territory of Guam and beyond, forcing the Japanese government to issue evacuation alerts and halt trains. Also Read – North Korea Confirms Nuclear Missiles Tests to ‘Wipe Out’ Enemies

The South Korean and U.S. militaries responded by launching fighter jets that fired weapons at a target off South Korea’s west coast in a show of strength against North Korea. Also Read – North Korea Launches More Missiles as US Redeploys Carrier

The North Korean missile launch was its most provocative weapons demonstration this year, as it pushes to develop a fully fledged nuclear arsenal capable of threatening the U.S. mainland and its allies with the goal of wresting concessions from those countries, some experts say.

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