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Diabetes in Kids: Symptoms, Warning Signs And Can it be Reversed?

Diabetes in kids: Diabetes is a health condition in which a high level of glucose is present in the bloodstream. This happens because either the body doesn’t have enough of a hormone called insulin or it doesn’t respond correctly to insulin. Both adults and kids can suffer from diabetes. Diabetes is a condition that cannot be easily reversed but controlled.Also Read – Obesity, Smoking, Diabetes Main Risk Factors Than Heart Disease For COVID Death

Diabetes in kids is common in families that have a history of diabetes in the blood. But, how to identify if your kid has diabetes? Are the symptoms of diabetes in kids similar to those in adults? Can diabetes in kids be cured completely? Here’s all you need to know. Also Read – Green Apple Benefits: From Lowering The Risk of Diabetes to Promoting Gut Health And Much More!


Diabetes is a common health condition all across the world. People of all age groups can get diabetes. The most common warning sign of getting this disease in your child is to identify if someone in your family or your partner’s family already has diabetes. The family blood chain plays a major role in staying cautious while protecting your child against diabetes. Also Read – Diabetes: Protein Reduces the Risk of Type 2 Diabetes, Says Nutritionist

Additionally, most of the symptoms of diabetes in kids are similar to what adults also face.

  1. Extreme thirst: A diabetic patient will have frequent urges to drink water in all seasons. The feeling of being unable to satiate your thirst 100 times in a day is difficult to manage and if your kid is also experiencing an unusual pattern with water drinking, that’s an alarm.
  2. Blurred vision: If your child is facing difficulty in seeing clearly, that could be a sign of diabetes and not just the result of watching a lot of TV or studying too much.
  3. Frequent urination or bed-wetting: This is one of the biggest symptoms of diabetes in patients of any age group. If your child is running to the toilet quite frequently, then it could be a big sign of an increased blood sugar level.
  4. Increased hunger: Kids usually don’t have a pattern of eating but if you notice a sudden increase in your child’s appetite even with his/ her usual list of activities, you should think about getting a diabetes test done.
  5. Skin rash or eczema: Most diabetic patients commonly experience some sort of skin condition – a rash, flaky skin, dry eczema, tiny red bumps or darker area of skin that feels like velvet usually around the neck, armpit or groin. If you see a skin condition that’s unexplainable and doesn’t go away with home remedies, then it’s time to see a doctor and reach the root of the problem.

Even a little change in your food and workout schedule can have a big impact on your child’s health. In most cases which are not extreme, diabetes gets controlled by tweaking lifestyle. Even in serious cases, the medicines are there to help your child’s body control diabetes. Don’t freak out. Stay healthy!

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