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Beautiful And Mesmerising: Ye Diwali Ayodhya Wali. Quick Guide To Grand Celebrations

Diwali 2022 in Ayodhya: Flowy breeze, illuminated waters and holy chants echoing all around is Diwali celebration in Ayodhya. The birthplace of Lord Ram, Ayodhya ranks amongst the holiest cities in India. With festival of lights, Diwali inching closer, let us delve into the grand celebrations of Diwali at Ram Lalla ‘janmbhoomi. Hailed as a kingdom of Lord Ram, it celebrates the homecoming of the lord after 14 years of exile Located on the east bank of River Saryu, Ayodhya is brimming with the remnants of a bygone era. The famous epics, Ramayan and Shri Ramcharitmanas exhibit the splendour of Ayodhya.Also Read – Diwali 2022: Explore These Places In India To Experience A Unique Tinge To The Festival Of Lights

An episode of Ramayan, a page of ancient history and a cluster of tourist attractions, this town has been a major centre for pilgrims, historians, archaeologists and students alike.


By the banks of Sarayu

The holy city of Ayodhya is all set to celebrate its sixth edition of ‘Deepotsav’ on October 23 and this year the temple town’s ghats will be lit with nearly 14.5 lakh diyas. The Deepotsav event had been started by Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath in 2017 and has grown bigger in scale ever since

Over 9 lakh diyas were lit along the Saryu river, creating a world record, while 3 lakh more diyas were lit separately at different places in the city

Ayodhya’s Diwali is different from the rest of the country as this is the birthplace of Lord Ram. In fact, Diwali celebrations start from Ayodhya.

The major celebrations take a place around Sarayu Rivver and where the river banks is beautifully  lit with lakhs of diyas. It is such breathtaking view that will transport you to a tranquil space.

It is said that about 81 priests gather to perform the grand puja and arti after which  the river becomes a sea of diyas and shimmers with yellow sparkles while chants of  Jai Siya Ram fill the air

Lined with countless temples, ghats and beautiful structures, Ayodhya is a must-visit destination, especially during festivals. “Ram Janmabhoomi temple, Hanuman Garhi temple, Kanak Bhawan temple, temple of Nageshwarnath, Treta ke Thakur temple along the ghat, Madhuri Kunja mandir are a must-visit. Not to forget Gulab Bari — the garden of roses,” says Kathak exponent Shovana Narayan


Ayodhya has stood the test of time and multiple invasions and is fast becoming a centre of cultural diversity, community assimilation and a vital destination for tourism.

Ram Janmabhoomi temple

Hanuman Garhi temple

Constructed in the shape of a fort and accessed by a flight of seventy – six steps, the 10th century ancient temple nestles in the centre of the pilgrim town. It has circular fortifications in each corner and is believed to be the spot where Lord Hanuman resided in a cave and protected the town.

The temple has a golden idol of Lord Hanuman; it is counted amongst the most

Gulab Bari

As the name suggests Gulab Bari is a rose garden. The vast garden encompasses the entire area that houses the tomb of Shuja-ud-Daula and his family. The garden was established in 1775 and houses a large variety of beautiful rose beds. The splendid mausoleum has a huge dome and is surrounded by a wall. It has two big gateways to enter the complex.


Also famous as Kaleram – ka – Mandir, the beautiful temple is believed to mark the spot where Lord Ram performed the legendary AshwamedhYagna. The Raja of Kullu (Himachal Pradesh) built the present structure about three centuries ago. It was later renovated by Maharani Ahilyabai Holkar of Indore (Madhya Pradesh). The statues installed here are made of black sandstone; it is believed that they belong to the era of King Vikramaditya.

Mani Parvat

It is believed that when Lord Hanuman was carrying the huge mountain with Sanjivani Booti (a herb) to Lanka for the purpose of saving injured Lakhshman, brother of Lord Ram, some part of it fell in Ayodhya. The hillock, about 65 feet high, was later named as Mani Parvat.

Experience the grandeur of Diwali in Ram Lalla

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