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How Green Are Green Crackers? Know Ways To Identify Them

Delhi: The countdown to Diwali has already begun as houses are on a cleaning spree, markets are splashed with colours of festivities and vigour of people. The festival of lights, Diwali is  going to be another spectacle this year. From lights, rangolis, sweets to crackers –this is what makes up for a classic Diwali pack but every year there is a lot of debate around the bursting of crackers. In the wake of perils of climate crisis, every year there are certain restrictions on Diwali. Fireworks lead to both noise and air pollution, and when it comes to pollution, the capital of Delhi leaves people dazed in smog and poor quality air.Also Read – Coronavirus in Mumbai: BMC Issues COVID Advisory For All Ahead of Festive Season | Full Guidelines Here  

Thus, the term ‘Green cracker ’comes in the scene. Green always does not mean that it is environment friendly. So, what exactly are green crackers? Also Read – Diwali 2022: Ambanis To Bachchan, Know Who Host The Most Lavish Diwali Party In Bollywood | Watch Video


Green crackers can be ascribed as a modern variety of crackers is different from their conventional counterparts because of their characteristic feature of releasing lesser pollutants into the atmosphere. Green crackers developed by the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) are said to emit 30% lesser pollutants than regular crackers. Its chemical formulation guarantees reduced particle emission into the atmosphere. Also Read – Diwali 2022: 5 Best Markets and Exhibitions in Delhi For Diwali Shopping | Watch Video


Quoting Dr Khawal and Prof Mor, The Indian Express reported, that both green crackers and traditional crackers cause pollution and people should refrain from using either. However, the only difference is that green crackers cause 30 per cent less air pollution as compared to traditional ones.

“Green crackers reduce emissions substantially and absorb dust and don’t contain hazardous elements like barium nitrate. Toxic metals in traditional crackers are replaced with less hazardous compounds. According to the National Green Tribunal (NGT), green crackers are permitted only in cities and towns where air quality is moderate or poor,” Dr Khaiwal said. Prof Mor added that there is reduction in emission of sound as well in green crackers.


One should look for green crackers that fall in these three categories:

  1. SWAS: safe water releaser should have have a small water pocket/droplets which get released when burst, in the form of vapour
  2. SAFAL : is safe minimal aluminium which has minimum usage of aluminium, and used magnesium instead. It ensures reduction in sound in comparison to traditional crackers
  3. STAR: is the safe thermite cracker, which does not comprise potassium nitrate and sulphur, emits reduced particulate matter disposal and reduced sound intensity

Apart from these three defined categories, experts advise to make a purchase from licensed shops and not from street vendor. People should prefer using a long candle or phooljhari for igniting these crackers and keep elbow joint straight to increase the distance between the body and the cracker, rather keep them at arm’s length.

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