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Tarantula, Skeletons, Frankenstein And Everything Scary About NASA’s H(alloween)Exoplanets

NASA’s Halloween: NASA has found a unique of informing its followers about exoplanets. This Halloween season, the US-based space agency has decided to recount all the exoplanets that feature some scary and spooky characteristics on their Twitter account and a webpage dedicated for the same.Also Read – NASA Uncovers Blue Cosmic Bubble. All You Must Know About This Unique Nebula 7100 Light Years Away


An exoplanet is a planet not in our solar system and orbits around another star. Also Read – Do You Know How Moon Was Formed? Scientists Have A New Revelation. Find Out


This Halloween, NASA has planned to spook everyone with their scary exoplanets, which it has decided to call ‘Hexoplanets’, tweeting “Its scary season and time to celebrate exoplanets, where every day is Halloween.” Also Read – First Native American Woman Reaches Space as Part of NASA's Crew-5 Mission

It’s Oct. 1 and you know what that means.💀 It’s scary season, and time to celebrate exoplanets, where every day is Halloween! https://t.co/eIYV2RGouc pic.twitter.com/0SqfUuH6XT

— NASA Hexoplanets🦇 (@NASAExoplanets) October 1, 2022


NASA picked up a giant spider-like structure of the Large Magellanic Cloud galaxy nicknamed as Tarantula Nebula. The galaxy in the  shape of a star consists of thousands of young stars.

🕸️@NASAWebb caught a giant space spider!🕷️
Take a moment to stare into thousands of young stars in the Tarantula Nebula. Our Webb reveals details of the structure and composition of the nebula, as well as background galaxies: https://t.co/4x63Zx5Km1 pic.twitter.com/0N5viSA61m

— NASA Hexoplanets🦇 (@NASAExoplanets) October 2, 2022


The green coloured misty galactic formation that looks like a witch screaming into the space. The billowy clouds of the nebula, where baby stars are brewing, are being lit up by massive stars. Dust in the cloud is being hit with starlight, causing it to glow with infrared light.

Hocus Focus!🧙‍♀️
A witch appears to be screaming into space in an infrared portrait. (We get it.) The billowy clouds of the Witch Head Nebula, where baby stars are brewing, are lit by older, massive stars. This witch lurks in the Orion constellation.💚 https://t.co/k7xgzaoSWC pic.twitter.com/gwsErhn6lg

— NASA Hexoplanets🦇 (@NASAExoplanets) October 3, 2022


A planet that is symbolically getting its bones clattering. NASA says about exoplanet ‘Osiris’, “When the skeletons rise on Halloween night, their bones clatter as they leave their graves. But we found a place a pile of bones won’t mind: a planet metaphorically having its flesh stripped from its bones.”

☠Space Skeleton☠️ 100+ light-years away, a planet is metaphorically having its flesh stripped from its bones. Nicknamed “Osiris” after the god of the dead, this doomed gas giant is being destroyed by its star. https://t.co/mtq2cOBu8d pic.twitter.com/UrAu7a9c0h

— NASA Hexoplanets🦇 (@NASAExoplanets) October 7, 2022


NASA has found a huge cloud that looks like a snake, large enough to swallow dozens of solar systems.

🐍Snake on the Galactic Plane🐍 This infrared image from @NASA‘s Spitzer shows a sssspace ssssnake. The sinuous object is actually the core of a thick, sooty cloud large enough to swallow dozens of solar systems. Sinisssster. pic.twitter.com/JYvPxz7yzV

— NASA Hexoplanets🦇 (@NASAExoplanets) October 8, 2022


The planet with lightening cracks against the maelstrom of a Neptune-like sky. Much-needed power bank for all the Frankensteins out there.

⚡️Frankenstein Planet⚡️ We’ve found a home planet for this misunderstood monster 122 light-years away. Lightning cracks against the maelstrom of HAT-P-11b’s sky, giving any monster who needs it a charge⚡️⚡️⚡️ https://t.co/mtq2cOjTgF pic.twitter.com/tdE85roIFD

— NASA Hexoplanets🦇 (@NASAExoplanets) October 9, 2022

NASA has also come up with some really cool wallpapers, digital meeting backgrounds and printable posters, available at NASA’s ‘Galaxy of Horrors’: http://Exoplanets.nasa.gov/galaxy

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