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Gut Health: 5 Unhealthy Habits That Are Harmful For Your Stomach

Gut Health: Gut is one of the most important parts of the human body. It is absolutely essential to keep our gut bacteria as friendly as possible. From producing energy to balancing hormonal levels, gut is responsible for various functions in the body. Our gut health is often compromised daily, without us even realizing. It is primarily because of our day-to-day modern lifestyle and dietary habits. Nutritionist Sonia Bakshi speaks to India.com and reveals how gut-related health problems are increasingly prevalent now-a-days. She also mentions 5 unhealthy habits that could affect the normal functioning of your gut. Read on!Also Read – Home Remedies For Constipation: 5 Things at Home to Relieve Constipation in Minutes


1. Lack of exercise: Being physically active has many health benefits, including reducing our stress levels and the risk of chronic disease. It has also been shown to alter gut bacteria, improving gut health. People with higher fitness levels have an increased level of beneficial bacteria which plays a significant role in metabolic health and the prevention of obesity. Also Read – 6 Early Signs That Tell Your Gut is Out of Balance And How to Fix it

2. Lack of sleep: It is common knowledge that good quality sleep is vital for overall health. Our body has an internal timekeeper – our circadian rhythm. It affects our brain, body, and hormones. It sends signals to our body to keep us alert and awake and tells us when it’s time to sleep. Our gut also follows a daily circadian-like rhythm. Disrupting our body clock may have harmful effects not only on our body but our gut bacteria too. Also Read – Suffering From Constipation? 5 Foods That You Should Add in Your Diet NOW

3. Stress: Our modern lifestyle, coupled with high-stress levels, has harmful effects on the body. Heightened levels of stress can diminish the population of health-promoting bacteria that thrives in our gut. Stress can also reduce blood flow altering our gut bacteria. Our gut bacteria plays a vital role in our overall health, and disruption to the gut flora has been linked to many health problems.

4. Too much alcohol: High consumption of alcohol aggravates our digestive system. This triggers a hold-up in the proper breakdown of food, causing increased gas production and often a stomach ache. But it’s not all bad. Enjoying the occasional glass of red wine can benefit our gut ecosystem. The key is to keep consume occasionally.

5. Diet not rich in whole foods: It has been shown that a diet rich in whole foods with a variety of nutrients helps to promote different types of bacteria, leading to diverse gut flora. People who ate 30+ different types of plant-based foods per week had a more diverse mix of gut microbes than those who consumed less. So, a diet lacking in a variety of different whole foods can result in a loss of gut flora diversity – leading to several adverse health effects.

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