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Horoscope today, October 16: Gemini Must Drive Carefully, Scorpio Should Take Decisions Wisely

Horoscope today, October 16: Trying to get a new job, planning a new house or thinking of investing in a new business – all of them are big decisions in life that can make or break you. It’s advisable you take the help of your stars and learn about the positions of the planets in your destiny before walking any further in life. Follow these quick tips as per your zodiac signs to know how your day is going to treat you todayAlso Read – Horoscope today, October 19: Aries Should Postpone Their Trip, Leos Must Respect Their Elders

Aries- The time will be good after noon. Handle any urgent work carefully. Don’t force your point on anyone. Also Read – Horoscope today, October 18: Taurus Might See Job Progress, Leo Should Respect Their Elders

Lucky color- yellow Also Read – Horoscope today, October 17: Aries Must Apply For a Job, Virgos Should Focus on Their Work

Taurus– Should not force your words on anyone. Luck will favour you. Paused tasks will be completed.

Lucky color- pink

Gemini- Don’t resort to lies. Drive very carefully. Do help someone.
Lucky color- blue

Cancer- Heart’s wishes will be fulfilled. Take care of your diet. Career change is predicted.

Lucky color- purple

Leo- Control your anger. Time will be favourable for you till evening. Keep the north direction of your house clean.

Lucky color- grey

Virgo- Apply for a job. Complete the urgent work by evening. Heart’s wish will come true.

Lucky color- sky blue

Libra- There can be trouble in the relationship. Try to get up early in the morning. Don’t e lend money to anyone.

Lucky color- green

Scorpio- Might be receiving gifts. There can be a dispute with your boss. Take decisions wisely.

Lucky color- red

Sagittarius- There will be an atmosphere of happiness in the family. The arrival of a guest is foreseen. There is a chance of getting back the stalled money.

Lucky color- yellow

Capricorn- Spend time at home. Help relatives when the time comes. Don’t lend money to anyone.

Lucky color- pink

Aquarius- Respect your teacher. Don’t be in a rush. Problems will be solved by the evening.

Lucky color- blue

Pisces- Make a habit of getting the work done on time. Avoid arguments with neighbours. Help needy children.

Lucky color- turquoise

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