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How To Keep Batteries Of Electric Vehicles Safe I Details Here

New Delhi: The recent cases of electric scooters catching fire have raised safety concerns among users. The industry players are working on improving battery technology. Till the time they fix this issue and Electric Vehicles are manufactured with stricter safety norms, it is advisable that the consumers exercise caution.Also Read – Citroen C3 EV Launched! Electric Version C3 Hatchback Makes Global Debut

What You Should Do To Keep EVs Battery From Exploding

  1. Guard your vehicle and the battery inside from extreme temperatures
  2. Don’t let your vehicles parked outside in the hot sun
  3. Use only original and authentic charges for specific battery types
  4. Do not charge the battery within an hour after EV use. Let it cool down for some time
  5. Check for damages in the battery case, and inform the manufacturer immediately
  6. Avoid fast charging. The process strains the battery and weakens it making it fire-prone

In case of fire, the users are advised to immediately stop and call emergency services. Do not attempt to extinguish the fire by yourself. Also Read – Man Tags Anand Mahindra On Twitter, What Comes Next Is UNBELIEVABLE

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