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India Hopes to See Birth Of Cheetah In 7 Decades

Bhopal: Officials of Kuno National Park are closely monitoring the behavior of Asha – a female Cheetah – named by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Asha may be the first to give birth to a Cheetah in India in almost 70 years. According to the forest officials, all the behavioral, physical and hormonal signs hint at pregnancy.Also Read – Happy News: Cheetah Babies Might Be On The Way At Kuno National Park

Executive director of Cheetah Conservation Fund (CCF) Laurie Marker said: “If Aasha is pregnant, it will be her first litter, and because she was caught in the wild, it did happen in Namibia. If she has cubs, we need to give her privacy and quiet. No people around her. She should have a hay bale hut in her enclosure.” Also Read – Cheetahs In India: When Will People Be Able To Catch Glimpse Of The Majestic Cats At Kuno National Park?

“Yes, there is an indication of pregnancy, but we will have to wait a few weeks for confirmation,” said an officer, requesting anonymity. It takes 55 days for a confirmation. Also Read – As Cheetahs Set Foot In Kuno, Property Rates Shoot Up in THESE Villages Of Madhya Pradesh

PM Modi on his birthday had released wild Cheetas, which had become extinct in India, in Madhya Pradhesh’s Kuno National Park. These Cheetas were brought back from Namibia under Project Cheeta, which is the world’s first inter-continental wild carnivore translocation project.

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