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Janmashtami Panchamrit Recipe: Krishna’s Favourite Panchamrit is Very Easy to Prepare, Step-by-Step Guide And Ingredients List

Janmashtami Panchamrit Recipe: Panchamrit is one of the essential food items that is offered to Lord Krishna on Janmashtami. It is the part of the Shri Prasad that is distributed among the devotees after the celebration of the Shri Krishna Janm Mahotsav. Panchamrit, as the name suggests, is the combination of five ingredients that are considered pure, healthy and believed to be loved by the Lord Krishna the most. It is also called Charnamrit.Also Read – Janmashtami 2022: Special Dhaniya Panjiri to Gopalkala, Try 3 Prasads on Krishna Jayanti

Panchamrit Prasad is made of five ingredients that you can easily find in your kitchen. Also, it’s pretty easy to prepare because all you need to do is mix all the ingredients together in the right quantity and let it stay for sometime. Also Read – Janmashtami Special Recipes 2022: Almond Salad to Kashmiri Naan Bread, Best Food Items to Celebrate Shri Krishna Janm Mahotsav

Panchamrit Recipe For Janmashtami: Ingredients (for eight servings)

Milk: 1 cup
Dahi/ curd: 1 cup
Desi Ghee: 2 tablespoon
Honey: 2 tablespoon
Sugar: 2 tablespoon
Tulsi leaves/ basil: 3-4 Also Read – Janmashtami 2022 Pujan Vidhi And Samagri: 5 Things That Complete Your Puja For Lord Krishna

Before you begin preparing the Panchamrit, you should know that it is high in calories and cholesterol, and is not meant to be consumed in a large quantity at a time.

A step-by-step and easy method to prepare Panchamrit for Janmashtami:

First, take the entire curd in a bowl or a big jug and beat it till it becomes a little light in texture. However, make sure that you are not beating it too much. For the Panchamrit, the dahi has to be a little thick. The consistency shouldn’t be flowy. Next, pour 1 cup of milk into the curd and mix well. You can use cold milk for the same. Use boiled milk to avoid the raw smell in your Panchamrit. Now, add the honey and the sugar and mix well. Keep stirring the mixture until the sugar is entirely dissolved in the liquid. This will take time because sugar doesn’t get easily dissolved in any liquid if it’s cold. Once it’s all mixed well, take a tiny amount on your palm and taste it. If you think it needs to be sweetened more, then add more sugar or honey as per your taste. Add the Tulsi leaves at the end and your Panchamrit is ready.

Happy Janmashtami to you all!

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