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Karwa Chauth 2022: 7 Right Ways to Break Fast to Avoid Gas And Bloating

Karwa Chauth 2022: Karwa Chauth – the special day for all the Suhagans is around the corner and women are excited to celebrate this festival with great zest and zeal by offering their prayers to the Lord moon for the longevity, prosperity and health of their husbands. This 12-15 hour long fast is accompanied by hunger pangs and dehydration as neither a woman wats nor drinks.Also Read – IRCTC News: Vrat Thalis To Be Available on Trains | Deets Inside

What Actually Happens When You are Empty Stomach?

When you stay hungry for long time, the enzymes normally produced by the digestive system are not produced by your body because it has not been fed for an extended period of time. So, slowly introducing food into the stomach gives the body time to re-establish enzyme production. Depending on how long you’ve been fasting, the protective mucus lining of your stomach thins out, making the stomach walls more vulnerable to discomfort. So, it is advisable to feed yourself with simple and easy-to-digest foods. Usually, women stick to the old traditions and customs but it’s always a good idea to mould the rituals a bit for healthy body. So, for healthy fasting, Dietitian Garima Goyal suggested few dietary tips that are important to be kept into consideration, which will help to replenish the body in a better way. Also Read – Weight Loss Tips: 6 Popular And Effective Ways to Do Intermittent Fasting

7 Healthy Ways to Break Karwa Chauth Vrat 2022:

  1. Hydrating the body should be the first step on this ladder. Long hours of fasting delete the body’s water stores. So, it is essential to open the fast by sipping water in small amounts and then hydrate the body well so that its ready to digest the food again. Remember not to gulp water rather sip it.
  2.  Unsweetened fruit juice or coconut water is also a good option as having direct fruit will add up too much fibre to the body after a long fast. The natural sugars present in them gives the body its lost energy of entire day and they are also rich in electrolytes.
  3. Lemon water is also an excellent pick to prepare the fasting body to finally accept the food after long hours and it also replenishes the body of the lost nutrients as its antioxidant rich.
  4. Homemade Vegetable soups are also healthy alternatives to give the required nutrients to the body.
  5. Fermented foods such as curd should be the next food on the list because they are gut healthy.
  6. Flavoured, roasted or salted nuts are a good-to-go when opening a fast. Handful of them is sufficient to make the body feel rejuvenated as they are loaded with calories and healthy fats. Also, riboflavin, zinc, magnesium etc in these nuts gives a boost to the body’s lost nutrients.
  7. To keep acidity at bay, avoid sugary, fried and processed foods for opening the fast. Jaggery or dark chocolate can be chosen instead of sugary sweets for the temptations. Also, homemade meal with less spices will be best for the digestive system.

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