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Naagin 6, October 1, Written Episode: Sheshnaagin Meets Takshak, Jeet Tells Prathna She is a Naagin

Naagin 6, October 1, Written Episode: In today’s episode Prathna aka Tejasswi Prakash saves Rudra aka Pratik Sehajpal and his family. Professor Jeet warns Suhasini to stay away from Prathna. Professor Jeet convinces Prathna to get married. Rudra is getting engaged to Anmol aka Amandeep Sidhu but is realizing his feelings for Prathna. Tara makes a prophesy about Prathna and Anmol’s future. Anmol finds out about Mehek. Professor Jeet tells Prathna that she is a Sheshnaagin. Prathna meets Takshak at Naagmahal. Pratha goes to Naagmhal to find out about the snake who saved Anmol’s life.Also Read – Celebs Spotted: Palak Tiwari To Ananya Panday, Here Is The List Of Celebs Nailed The Show Last night | Watch Video


Tara plants a bomb at the charity event but her plan is failed by Prathna. Prathna also saves Anmol’s life. Rudra agrees to marry Anmol looking at her selfless, unconditional love towards him. Professor Jeet finds out that Prathna is a Sheshnaagin. Prathna’s job is now permanent at Rudra’s company. Rudra feels some attraction towards her but doesn’t know exactly about his liking for Prathna. Rudra’s freind observes how Rudra is impressed by Prathna. Urvashi and Suhasini kill Mahasapera’s disciples. As Mahasapera begs for his life, Tara asks him to work for her. Tara manipulates Rudra’s parents by pretending to be a poor woman. Rudra’s parents give her a job at his office. Tara meets Prathna and tells her she reminds her of her daughter. As Rudra and his parents get into a lift it starts to fall. Prathna trasnforms into Sheshnaagin and stops the lift from falling down. Also Read – Naagin 6, September 25, Written Episode: Sheshnaagin Saves Anmol's Life, Jeet Finds Out Prathna is Naagin


The episode starts with Sheshnaagin saving Rudra and his parents by stopping the lift from falling downwards. As Rudra and his parents get out of the lift Prathna gains consciousness. She realizes she has been lying down on the stairs after the lift in the building had gone out of control. Prathna doesn’t realize what happened after that. Snehal Reddy aka Suhasini tells Professor Jeet that she knows he is trying to protect the nation. Professor Jeet says to her that he will do whatever it takes for the country and warns her against causing any harm to Prathna. Prathna gets a call from Professor Jeet and she tells him that she is leaving for home. Anmol’s friends praise her outfit and tell her that they are rejoiced to know that she’s getting engaged to Rudra. Pratha asks her about the snake who helped her at the event where terrorist attack took place. She tells Pratha that the snake was even bigger than a python but it saved her life that day. Also Read – Naagin 6, September 24, Written Episode: Sheshnaagin Beats up Mahasapera, Anmol Hugs Prathna


Suhasini arrives at Anmol and Rudra’s engagement as Pratha and Rishabh aka Simba Nagpal welcome her. She asks her if she also invited Professor Jeet. Pratha tells her that he wanted her to do something for him but she refused. She tells Suhasini to come and enjoy the party as Rishabh escorts her. Suhasini speaks to herself that just like Professor she also knows that Pratha is a Naagin. Rudra arrives to the engagement at Gujral house but they do not reveal what happened to the office lift. Looking at Rudra’s clothes his friend gives him the suit which he always carries along. As Rudra starts changing he gets flashbacks of what happened in office. He recalls how Prathna gave him the shirt to wear and starts feeling sudden attraction towards her. Prathna arrives at her house and learns that her father has invited a groom’s family to fix her marriage.


The man who wants to marry her tells her that she can work even after marriage. Jeet asks Prathna if she loves anyone. She recalls that Rudra is getting engaged, so she tells Jeet that she is ready to get married. As Prathna is walking with Jeet on the roadside a man attacks Jeet. Prathna turns into Sheshnaagin and beats him up. She suddenly goes unconscious as Jeet wakes her up. He tells her that she is a Naagin and she has to hide this from the world. But he doesn’t tell her the truth about her mother. As they return home Jeet tells her to get married in four days and live like a normal girl. He tells her only she has the ability to control her powers. At Rudra and Amol’s engagement the bride’s friends play a game. Both of them are asked to close their eyes and then tell who was the first person they saw. Anmol tells that she saw Rudra. Rudra closes his eyes and sees Prathna. As he opens his eyes, he goes speechless. Everyone mocks him and says maybe he saw a terrorist since he is a journalist.


Professor Jeet takes Prathna to his secret room and tells everything about his work. Prathna feels proud of him and tells him that she is willing to do anything for the nation like him. He tells her that had their been any other Sheshnaagin he won’t have hesitated to ask help. He tells her that he wants her to stay away from the danger and live a life like a simple girl. Anmol asks the servants to keep the gifts in store room. She sees Mehek’s picture at the store room and asks Pratha about her. Pratha tells her that she is her Mausi and was once married to Rishabh. She tells Anmol that one should ever have a sister like Mehek and there’s nothing good to talk about her. Pratha recalls how Mehek fell down from the cliff. Rudra feels trapped between his respect for Anmol and new found attraction towards Prathna. He looks at Anmol as he gets flashbacks of his first meeting with Prathna.


Prathna transforms into Sheshnaagin and goes to Naagmahal. Nagraj Takshak welcomes her and asks her to perform the ritual of puja for Navmi that a Sheshnaagin must do during Navratri as her duty. He tells her that her Naani was a Sheshnaagin. When she asks about her mother, he tells her she will know everything at the right time. Tara declares at her cave that just like Mehek and Pratha once again Anmol and Prathna would fight each other soon. Pratha arrives at the stage where a snake saved Anmol. She gets the skin of the snake and goes to Naagmahal to thank the snake. She prays to Lord Shiva to show her the face of the snake and gets to see her own face. She thinks maybe Lord Shiva is angry at her since she has not been performing her duties. But she thanks Lord Shiva for always protecting her daughter Anmol.


In the next episode Zhang is back to unleash a deadly attack on Indian soil. A dandiya event where Anmol is dancing is under threat. Rudra tells Prathna that Anmol’s life is in danger. Prathna decides to take her Sheshnaagin form again to defend her country from terrorists. A wild boar is about to clash with Sheshnaagin.

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