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NASA’s Artemis 1 Moon Mission Looks At New Launch Window

NASA Artemis 1 Launch: The much awaited launch of NASA’s Artemis 1 moon rocket has left everyone at cliffhanger. With every new launch dat there is anew hope that is ready to lift  off but unavoidable circumstances keep intervening. Recently, the launch was once again scrubbed off owing the category 4 storm, Hurricane Ian that has left swaths of destruction in parts of US. Due to the storm, the space agency was forced to roll the rocket back into the shelter from the launch pad. But now, the team is talking about a new window to set off the rocket on its mission.Also Read – Hurricane Ian Forces NASA Artemis 1 To Roll Back To Shelter. When Will It Launch Next?


Thesvheltering of the rocket has only added more days to the its launch. But, after assessing, NASA has determined it will focus Artemis I launch planning efforts on the launch period that opens Nov. 12 and closes Nov. 27.

Over the coming days, managers will assess the scope of work to perform while in the VAB and identify a specific date for the next launch attempt. Focusing efforts on the November launch period allows time for employees at Kennedy to address the needs of their families and homes after the storm and for teams to identify additional checkouts needed before returning to the pad for launch.

Teams at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida conducted initial inspections Friday to assess potential impacts from Hurricane Ian. There was no damage to Artemis flight hardware, and facilities are in good shape with only minor water intrusion identified in a few locations.


  1. The Artemis 1 is the first integrated test of NASA’s deep space exploration: the Orion Spacecraft and the Space Launch System (SLS) rocket. The Artemis 1 launch is an uncrewed flight test that will lay the foundation for sending humans back to the moon.
  2. It will be the maiden flight in the Artemis space program, which is the space agency’s quest to send humans back to the moon after 50 years since the last Apollo program in 1972. In Artemis 1, Mannequins equipped with sensors are standing in for a crew for the mission
  3. The mission will witness the launch of NASA’s giant and the world’s most powerful Space Launch System (SLS) rocket, which will propel the Orion crew capsule into the Moon’s orbit before returning to Earth after 42 days. Over the course of the mission, it will travel 450,000 Km from Earth and 40,000 Km beyond the Moon’s far side.
  4. In the year 2024, astronauts will travel aboard the Orion capsule and in the following year, humans will once again take a step on the Moon. NASA aims to send the first woman and first person of colour to the Moon.
  5. While it is an uncrewed mission, mannequins, plushie toys- Snoopy and Shawn the Sheep, and leggo figurines will on board to fly to moon.

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