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Lights, Elephants & Celebrations: Why You Must Visit Mysuru Dasara During Navratri

Mysuru Dasara 2022: Indian festivals have different ways of celebrations in different parts of the country. One such is the Dusherra festival celebrated in Mysuru. Mysuru Dasara is one of the most prominent and famous state festival of Karnataka that is observed on the tenth day in the Hindu calendar month of Asvina. The entire city regales in this famous festival that starts during the Navratri and culminates on Vijaydashmi. From dance, music, processions, food and everything else, this is a royal celebration in the city of Mysuru. Not only this, but one of the key highlights of this time is the illuminated and decked up Mysore Palace.Also Read – Navratri 2022 Special : 3 Home Tricks to Check Adulteration In Sabudana (Sago)


The city brims with life during this 10 days extravaganza. In Karnataka, the festival is also known by the name ‘Nadahabba’. The festival signifies the victory of good over evil. It is also considered the day when Goddess Chamundeshwari killed the demon king Mahishasura after a fierce battle. The festival is celebrated in a very splendid manner with plenty of performances depicting the rich culture and tradition of the state organized in the great Also Read – Navratri: Maa Skandmata Worshipped On Day 5

Mysuru arrives for Navratri celebrations (PTI )


Jamboo Savari: Also Read – Durga Puja 2022: Kolkata Puja Clubs Do Away With ‘VIP’ Tag

Words cannot describe the Jambusavaari held in Mysuru Dasara on Vijayadashami, the last day of Navrathri Festival . It has achieved immense glory, splendor, and Humungous World fame. Traditionally, an elephant is adorned with crown and other things and made ready tocarry a 750-kg Goddess Chamundeshwari idol on its back. A grand procession takes place wherein the elephant carries the deity to the banni tree as people dance their way to the destination.

he procession includes large bands, dance troupes, armed forces, etc. It is the idol of the Goddess atop a golden seat on the elephant that is the major attraction. After the procession, the torchlight parade begins, also known as the Panjina Kavayitha.


The city is awash but beautiful lights this time of the year. Reportedly, the Dasara illumination will cover approximately 124km of stretch. People in the city are already soaking in the grandeur of the lights and festivities.


Apart from the procession, there are various activities held during the 10-days like cycling, heritage tours, yoga, film festivals, treasure hunts and pet shows. Many food stalls are also set up for visitors to indulge in delicacies. There are various exhibitions that are held opposite the royal palace.

Only during these 10 days, can a visitor see the Golden Throne in the Durbar Hall of the Mysore Palace.


Mysore Palace

Brindavan Gardens – This is a must visit place on your trip to Mysore. One of the key attar tions of this place, it is a beautiful paradassie just 12 km from the city.

Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary – One of the largest bird sanctairoes in Karnataka, it is ahaven for nature enthusiasts and was even announced as t protected Ramsar sit this this year.

Mysuru Rail Museum – Are a fan of trains? Mysuru Rail Museum has everything one needs to know about railwasy

Shivanasamudra Falls- It is a 2 hour drive from Mysore and os said to be Asia’s fist hydro electric power station.

If you are anywhere near the place, do not think over and quickly pla your

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