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8 Early Signs of Obesity You Need to Watch Out For

Obesity Early Signs: Obesity is a medical condition that raises the risk of various illnesses and health issues, including heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, and some types of cancer. Obesity typically develops from genetic, physiological, environmental, and lifestyle factors that include nutrition, physical activity, and exercise choices. You can lose weight by eating healthier and altering your lifestyle. According to Ayurveda expert Dr Chaitali, before knowing our weight scales and levels through Body Mass Index, Ayurveda discovered clinical signs to measure that our body is getting overweight. She also shared eight early signs of obesity.Also Read – Women Can Become Fat Over Long-Term Exposure To Air Pollution. Here's How


  1. Excessive Thirst
  2. Fatigue
  3. Disturbed Sleep
  4. Short breathes
  5. Excess Hunger
  6. Excess Perspiration
  7. Foul Body Odour
  8. Delusion

A person’s body will retain additional calories as fat if they consume more calories than they utilize for energy. Fast food items like burgers, pizzas, fried food, processed meats, food with added sugar like cookies or cakes, alcoholic drinks and others have a tendency to make weight gain more likely. If you want to enjoy a diverse diet while keeping your weight in check though add fibre-rich food to your meal. Also Read – Obesity, Smoking, Diabetes Main Risk Factors Than Heart Disease For COVID Death

Early signs of Obesity

It could be more challenging for someone to reduce weight the longer they have obesity.

The emergence of obesity is influenced by a variety of factors. Most people’s risk of being obese can be decreased by eating a balanced diet with lots of fresh foods and engaging in frequent exercise. Also Read – Side-Effects of Frozen Food: Reasons Why Readymade Food Can Make Your Body Suffer in The Worst Way Possible

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