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Pakistan Is The Most Dangerous Country In The World: Joe Biden

Joe Biden on Pakistan: US President Joe Biden has called Pakistan the most dangerous country in the world. He said on Saturday, “I think probably one of the most dangerous countries in the world is Pakistan. They have nuclear weapons without any surveillance.” According to reports, Pakistan is estimated to have 160 nuclear bombs.Also Read – Pakistan Threaten To Pull Out Of ODI World Cup If India Do Not Travel For Asia Cup

Biden was discussing US foreign policy regarding China and Russia. He said, “Xi Jinping is a person who feels that he has a lot of problems. How do we (America) handle it? How do we deal with what is happening in Russia? I think probably one of the most dangerous countries in the world is Pakistan.” Also Read – Biden Prioritizing Abortion Legislation Before Midterms

American help to Pakistan

On September 8, the US approved $ 450 million to Pakistan for the maintenance of the F-16 fighter jets. This was the biggest security aid given to Islamabad in the last four years. Despite this, Biden’s statement describing Pakistan as the most dangerous country has come to the fore. Also Read – American Embassy In India Releases Over 1 Lakh Work Visa Appointments For H&L Categories

What is Pakistan’s policy on the use of nuclear weapons?

Pakistan has no ‘no first use’ nuclear policy. It only depends on the high command of Pakistan that when and in what condition they have to carry out a nuclear strike. In 1999, Pakistan’s foreign minister rejected the ‘no first use’ nuclear policy, saying, ‘We can use every necessary weapon for the security of our country at any time.’

What does India say?

At the same time, India declared its nuclear policy of ‘no first use’ in the year 1999. According to this, India will never use nuclear weapons first. India will resort to its nuclear weapons only in the event of a nuclear attack.

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