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Potato Rs 31/Kg, Tomato Rs 50/Kg, Capsicum Rs 200/Kg: Vegetable Prices Pinch Middle Class The Most

Delhi: Festive season is all about soaring enthusiasm, vigour and fun. While people are on a shopping spree with multiple sales going on, contrariwise the prices of vegetables and fruits are on arise. Citizens living in Delhi-NCR are finding it a bit difficult to strike a proper balance in their daily budget as the festive season has raised the rates of vegetables and fruits that are consumed on a daily basis.Also Read – What Is Inflation? Explained in 10 Points

A huge jump has been noticed in the price of vegetables and fruits that are available at Safal stores, as well as those stocked in retail outlets. Not only festivals, but the spells of rain in the past few days have also added to the expenses. Some of the produces got rotten even before they could be sent to the market. Also Read – 'Mehangai Chaupals' – Congress' Mega Rally Against Price Rise In Delhi: DETAILS

According to news agency, IANS, the rates – usually under control at Safal stores – have increased as well. Here is a list for comparison: Also Read – Congress Holds Protests Over Inflation, Unemployment; BJP Calls It Appeasement Politics | Top Developments


Potato – Rs 18 to 22 per kg

Cabbage – Rs 98 per kg

Brinjal – Rs 45 per kg

Tomato – Rs 54 per kg


Tomatoes: Rs 50/kg

Potatoes: Rs 30/Kg

Cauliflower: Rs 130/kg

Ladyfinger & Brinjal: Rs 60/kg

Lemon: Rs 250/kg

Bottle gourd: Rs 80/kg


Potato – Rs 25-30 per kg

Cabbage – Rs 100 per kg

Brinjal – Rs 80 per kg

Tomato – Rs 50 per kg

The rates of vegetables might vary slightly depending on the respective regions and retailer’s rate. Nevertheless, the people looked upset with most of them struggling to deal with the rise in the price.

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