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Sugar Cravings? 3 Natural Alternatives to Control Your Sweet Tooth

Sugar Cravings: Have you ever experienced uncontrollable sugar cravings while trying to improve your health but were unable to because of your body’s reaction to refined sugar? If you give in to this craving too frequently, you could be setting yourself up for a number of harmful health effects. All that extra sugar may increase calorie intake and fuel long-term inflammation. Sugar consumption also causes you to gain weight, and put you at risk for type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and obesity. However, since we are all only human, eliminating all sweeteners tomorrow is not feasible. Ayurveda expert Dr Chaitali suggests the top 3 alternatives to satisfy your sugar cravings without jeopardizing your health.



Raisins are super delicious to have whenever you crave sweet things, it’s natural and nourishing and having them in small amounts is enough! Heath benefits are so great that it will relieve constipation, gives energy, build and maintain strong bones and is good for the heart.



Dates are highly nutritious, it’s good for pitta dosa shaman, Give strong muscle power, improve brain function and many more, you can have dates whenever you crave sugar, if you have low digestion better to soak, having dates daily brings in health soon!



Honey is the best fat burner if you find it pure! Raw honey is best in many ways! Honey is called Madhu in Ayurveda and there is mentioned that Madhu is best for diabetes if found pure nowadays!

Eating a lot of simple carbohydrates can immediately quell your appetite and offer your body a temporary energy boost without the support of proteins or fats. However, Sugar finishes almost as soon, leaving you hungry once again and craving more.

Switch to these healthy alternatives now!

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