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Tarot Prediction Sept 5-Sept 11: Weekly Tarot Card Prediction And Angel Messages For Zodiac Signs

Tarot Prediction September 5-September 11: Our Life comprises a journal of events that takes place. As everyone is moving ahead towards their goal and desires, all of us seek Divine guidance. An indication by intuition, gut feeling, synchronicity of numbers or just a pattern. Here comes for you, dear divine souls, the channelled Tarot card guided message from the Universe based on your Sun Zodiac. Take what resonates with you.Also Read – Solar Eclipse on Diwali 2022: How to do Lakshmi Puja Amid Surya Grahan? All We Know

  • Aries: This week is indicating creativity. Utilising the resources wisely will reap excellent results. Balance the emotions. Many of you would be able to generate an income from this creativity.
  • Taurus: It’s time to get up, get going. Abdominal health care is indicated. Many may feel drained and weak. Think positive and you will be up with the new vision.
  • Gemini: Let go of the unwanted desires making you feel unworthy. Pay attention to opportunities. Break the illusions to experience the true sense of abundance.
  • Cancer: Your goal lies in being together. Seeking guidance experienced is beneficial to lead to steady progress and success.
  • Leo: Be attentive to your environment and stop assuming you are tied up. You have everything apart from yourself. Meditate with yourself to overcome the social agony.
  • Virgo: People let go of the need for control. Indication of travel and celebration is there bringing in joy and a new beginning may strike.
  • Libra: Boasting about your abilities leads to stress. Be conscious of conversation and live by the moment and go with the flow. Release your past. Make wise choices to live a balanced life.
  • Scorpions: Get ready for a celebration. Meetings/ gatherings will bring peace and happiness. New collaborations have their way to your doors. Be open and receptive at all times.
  • Sagittarius: Success lies in your intuition and understanding the drawbacks of your steps. Ignoring them is by choice but acceptance of that is the law of nature to bring one closer to the divine abundance.
  • Capricorn: Getting knowledge from every possible source is good, verify the information with an expert to avoid any disturbances and delays and have balanced progress.
  • Aquarius: Don’t worry… keep moving forward. With struggle, comes learning and wisdom. Be grounded and let it flow your way. Peace and tranquillity are on their way following the struggles.
  • Pisces: Don’t be impatient as there is still some time for the destined result. Overthinking is not helpful. Over-committing yourself will keep you busy and hinder your progress. Face the facts.

— Inputs from Kinnari Raval, a Psychic medium and tarot reader Also Read – Weekly Numerology Prediction, September 4 to September 10: What’s In Store For You This Week?

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