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Bigg Boss 16 House: 10 Stunning Pictures That Take You Inside The Gorgeously Designed Circus-Themed Set

Bigg Boss 16 house inside pics: It’s really going to be a circus inside the Bigg Boss house this year. The makers have designed the entire Bigg Boss 16 house like a giant, colourful circus. As the show premieres tonight with actor Salman Khan returning to host the season for the 12th time in a row, several inside photos from the house are also going viral. One can identify the various sections of the house where all the drama takes place from arguments to planning, brainstorming over nominations and playing the game honestly until one is declared the winner.Also Read – Bigg Boss 16 Confirmed Contestants List: Top 14 Participants From Sajid Khan to Tina Datta Who Are Entering The Show Tonight

The house, designed by filmmaker and interior designer Omung Kumar and his wife Vanitha, looks stunning from the word go. Each wall looks like a masterpiece with lots of hardwork gone into creating each corner of that gorgeous house. Staying true to the ‘circus’ theme, Omung leaves no corner of the house as a simple, subtle area. The house is divided into six main areas – the Captain’s room, the living room, the kitchen area, the dining area, the living area, the bathroom area and the garden area. Let’s give you a tour of the Bigg Boss 16 house: Also Read – Priyanka Chahar Choudhary to Enter Bigg Boss 16 as Contestant: All You Need to Know About The Udaariyan Actress

The Captain Room pictures from Bigg Boss 16 house:

Bigg Boss 16 house inside pics captain room

Bigg Boss 16 house inside pictures: That’s the captain’s room

The captain is supposed to enjoy the maximum luxuries in the house and therefore, his/ her has to be extraordinary. This time, the makers give a giant circular, velvet bed to the captain with an interesting big mirrored-head board. The bed has lamps on both sides with a big rectangular mirror behind it. It also boasts interesting ceilings and a jacuzzi inside the room. There’s also a special bathroom. Also Read – Bigg Boss: Take A Look At All The Winners Of The Controversial Reality Show And Their Whopping Prize Money | Watch

Bigg Boss 16 inside pictures: Four bedrooms

For some reason, the house has been divided into four bedrooms apart from the Captain’s room this year. One of them totally matches the theme with a giant masquerade mask hanging from a wall and cards shaped tiles decorating the wall behind the beds.

bigg boss 16 house living room 1

Bigg Boss 16 house inside pics: Living room 2

Another bedroom looks a little darker with black walls featuring a big fire design. It has single beds without any podium installed in the room.

Bigg Boss 16 house inside pics: Living room 3

Bigg Boss 16 house inside pics: Living room 3

The third bedroom in the house looks less overdramatic with cushioned walls all over and double beds installed in the room. Each bed has a mirrored wall behind it and lamps on both sides.

bigg boss 16 house zebra room

Bigg Boss 16 house living room 1

The most dramatic of them all is a bedroom with a black-and-white design. This one has zebras painted all over the wall with black beds and striped walls. Each bedroom looks like a grand theatre stage in itself.

Bigg Boss 16 house inside pictures of the kitchen area

Bigg Boss 16 house inside pics, kitchen area

The kitchen area in Bigg Boss 16 house

A lot of things happen in the kitchen from major fights to plottings in the game. This year, there’s a statement silver chimney that simply steals the show in the entire area. A wooden-like flooring appears warming and welcoming while the brown slaps look absolutely fantastic with their colour balance and brightly lit glass painted tiles.

Bigg Boss 16 house inside pics: Check out the garden area

Bigg Boss 16 house pics: Check out the garden area

Bigg Boss 16 house inside pictures of garden area

Staying true to the theme, the garden area also boasts many circus-like elements from the joker shoes to a red-and-white sitting table. It also has multiple sections to sit and chat with tiny tables and stools kept in almost every corner.

Bigg Boss 16 house: Here’s how the living room looks like

Bigg Boss 16 house inside pics living room

Bigg Boss 16 house inside pics: The living room is here

This is the room that gets the most attention during the weekend when Salman Khan interacts with the contestants via the big TV screen and grills them for how they behaved throughout the week. The living room has a never-ending long semi-circle couch to fit around 15 people together. In front of the couch, there’s a TV screen, behind which there is a gorgeous mirrored wall with lots of animal figurines emerging out from above. It’s probably the most attractive part of the house this year.

Bigg Boss 16 house pictures: Check out the bathroom area

bigg boss 16 house inside pics, bathroom area

Bigg Boss 16 house inside pictures of the bathroom area

Beautifully designed with faux plants and lots of light bulbs, the bathroom area has been kept as this cozy, beautiful place where one can remain in solace. It has lots of mirrors and many quirky carvings of colourful caps hanging from the wall.

Bigg Boss 16: Here’s how the dining area looks like

bigg boss 16 dining area looks like a swing in circus

Bigg Boss 16 house, look at the beautiful dining area

This is another attractive space in the whole house. The dining area has been designed to look like those big, fancy carousels that you find the amusement parks. Instead of the revolving swings though, you have chairs strategically kept to give a circular appearance in the centre of the house. Do you like the house?

You can watch Bigg Boss 16 on Colors TV at 9:30 pm today. Watch this space for all the latest updates on Bigg Boss!

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