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Vastu Tips: 6 Things to Avoid in The Bedroom For a Happy And Peaceful Marriage

Vastu has been used for centuries, dating back to the time of our forefathers. It helps in removing financial constraints from home, as well as to increase positive energy. To minimize problems and separation in a marriage or relationship, it is also essential to follow useful Vastu suggestions. The place where everyone feels comfortable and relaxed is a bedroom. Not only this, but the bedroom has a different importance for couples too.Also Read – Vastu Tips: If You Want to Get Rid of Obstacles, Never Break These 5 Vastu Shastra Rules

However, the Vastu of the bedroom has an impact on a person’s life, determining whether or not his day will be pleasant or challenging. If your home has Vastu dosh, you will have to deal with a lot of challenges, such as disagreements with your partner, arguments, low slander, impatience, and many others. Hence, Kalpesh Shah, founder, and CEO of MyPandit, advises you to remove these items from your bedroom right away if you sense negativity there. Also Read – Vastu Dosha: 5 Animals That Can Help You in Getting Rid of Negative Energies in Life


1. Avoid Electronic Items: The biggest cause of distance between a couple in this modern world is electronic equipment like laptops and TVs. As per Vastu, the effect of the fire element on technological equipment causes conflict in personal relations. Also Read – Vastu Tips For Home Decoration: 6 Things That Can Destroy Peace And Happiness in Your House

2. Avoid Images of Predatory Animals: Everyone wants peace and happiness in the bedroom. As per Vastu Shastra, keeping images and idols of predatory animals might cause detachment and conflict between you and your partner. So it is better you avoid these images in your bedroom.

3. Picture Of A Deity In Your Room: If there is a picture of a god or goddess in your room, you are advised to move it to a different location. This is so because Venus, the planet of happiness, is said to rule the bedroom. The presence of Brahaspati, where Venus lives, is considered to be unlucky. The demon guru is Venus, while Brahaspati is the devaguru. They are viewed as being at odds with one another as a result. Also, avoid any religious books in your room. You and your spouse may have a bad time because of this.

4. Ensure Your Bathroom Is Not Wet: If your bathroom and bedroom are connected, you need to take extra precautions to keep both clean and dry. Similarly to other areas of the house, keep it dry. It is said that financial problem arises from keeping the bathroom wet.

5. Do Not Place The Bed In The Corner Of The Bedroom: As it restricts the free flow of positive vibes, avoid positioning the bed in the room’s corner. As per Vastu, the bed should be placed such that it is parallel to the middle of the wall and provides ample room for movement.

6. Keep Changing The Bedsheet And Pillow Covers: Vastu Shastra advises that you should change your bedsheets and pillow covers every two to three days. This may bring positive changes in life and may lead to a happy and prosperous life.

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