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Vastu Tips For Living Room: 5 Shastra-Based Principles to Maintain Peace And Happiness at Home

The living room serves as the focal point for all social activities in the home. As a result, it should not only be warm and inviting to guests, but also cosy enough for the family to bond and enjoy some private time together. To learn more about making the most of the space that’s arguably the most utilized in any home, the living room, we tapped Vastu Acharya Manoj Srivastava, a renowned Vastu expert and astrologer from Delhi. ‘Depending on the layout of your home or apartment, the living room tends to be one of the first rooms that greets you upon entering,’ he explains. ‘This means that the presentation of your living room sets a certain feeling, emotion, mindset, and energetic frequency before you venture into the rest of your home and to the visitors, it creates the first impression of you.’Also Read – Vastu Tips: 3 Idols You Must Keep Around Your House For Good Luck And Prosperity

Here are 5 vastu based principles that you should definitely follow for the right type of energy to flow into your home. Read on! Also Read – Vastu Tips: 7 Important Rules To Follow Before Designing Your Own Home Kitchen


1. Clear Clutter: One of the first and easiest Vastu principles to remember is to not let clutter accumulate in your living room – or any room for that matter. Clutter has a negative mental and physical effect on the human mind and body. Also Read – Vastu Tips: 5 Tips To Help You Choose The Right Flooring Material – Watch Video

2. Let there be Light:  The living room should be bright, stimulated with uplifting energies of natural light and layered lighting. If unfortunately, your home is so designed that natural light is missing, this is the place to light it with full-spectrum light bulbs. Nowadays you find energy efficient natural light bulbs which one should use. Keep this light turned on during the day. Light is also associated with the fire element; one of five elements that should be represented in the room for harmony and balance. To improve positive space energies in the living room, try to illuminate dark corners and shadows.

3. Sit in a commanding position: Since the living room is the first room of the home, you should be sitting such that you know what is happening at the front door. Never sit with the main door, behind your back or from where the front door is not visible. While the name “commanding position” is from feng shui it makes you mentally comfortable so is equally applicable in vastu.

4. Diffuse Fragrances: A regular use of aromas can go a long way in creating the mood you desire in the living room. A lot of research has been performed on essential oils and their effects on human mind. For example, the lemon oil helps in enhancing positive mood, wild orange lifts the spirits and boosts the energy. Depending on your requirements diffuse the suitable oil in the living room.

5. Create Balance: Vastu is all about harmony and balance. When decorating your living room ensure that there is no one element overpowering everything else in the room. For example, if you have too much of metal in the furniture try blending it with plants, fluffy pillows, throws to soften the metal.

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