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Hugo Boss Sells Bathroom Chappals For A Whopping Rs 9,000, Desis Can’t Believe It | See Tweets

Viral News: The online marketplace is full of items and products that are ridiculously expensive for no reason. In recent days, we have come across several luxury items being being sold for whopping amounts. Now, luxury fashion brand Hugo Boss has come up with its new product: a blue flip-flop worth ₹ 8,990. Yes, you read it right! The whopping price of the flip-flops, which look very much like desi bathroom chappals or slippers, has left netizens baffled.Also Read – Viral Video: Indian Man’s Bollywood Style Proposal In Front Of Eiffel Tower Is The Most Romantic Thing Ever. Watch

Needless to say, Twitter is in disbelief and having a field day cracking jokes and making memes on the ridiculous price of the slippers. Many said that the product looks exactly like those found in desi households, while some said that they wouldn’t be willing to pay more than Rs 150 for them. Also Read – Viral Video: Snake Gets Stuck in Motorcycle’s Speedometer in Madhya Pradesh, Rescued Later | Watch


what the actual fuck pic.twitter.com/mvOvNBmCme

— Dew (@itmedew) October 16, 2022

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One user said, “Dmart me 99 me hai,” while another joked, “Hawai chappal that went to the US for its MBA.” A third wrote, “Even if I become a millionaire, I won’t buy a chappal for this much amount.”

Saw a shoe that was priced at 9k in Metro in EA. I asked the attender, what’s there in this? He said, brand sir. ECCO or something. I gave him a look, he moved away. https://t.co/882otVevPY

— Arvindh Santhosham (@YaaruDaHindu) October 17, 2022

these look like the chappals u get from the dollar store how are they so expensive https://t.co/Z4WXeTRqIk

— meenu (@lilmeenuvert) October 17, 2022

Girl that’s a hawaii chappal bye https://t.co/f8JiUZavhP

— mrig unleashed (@mrigyaavarma) October 17, 2022

Bathroom chappals getting their day in the sun https://t.co/ERF8KpgFMc

— . (@TandooriCutlet) October 17, 2022

Mandir ke bhar free Mein milte hein ise chappal

— nithindetector (@nithindetector8) October 16, 2022

Is chappal se maar khake Bura bhi nhi lagega!

— Mansi Mishra (@mansi_mishra__) October 17, 2022

bc even 100rs ke paragon look better than this

— Dew (@itmedew) October 16, 2022

A few months back, Balenciaga launched the “most expensive trash bag in the world” for USD 1,790 (Rs 1,42,569 approx). Pictures of the bizarre ‘trash pouch’ inspired by a garbage bag went viral on social media.

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