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Kerala Doctor’s Super Neat Handwriting on Prescription Takes Internet By Surprise | See Viral Pic

Viral News: It is a common perception or rather a stereotype, that doctors have a bad handwriting, that is difficult to read and understand. Besides chemists and pharmacists, commoners struggle to decipher a doctor’s handwriting on the prescription. There are several jokes and memes about a doctor’s handwriting spilled allover social media. However, a doctor from Kerala has broken this myth with his super neat handwriting. Yes, his words are so neat that anyone can read the prescription without any difficulty.Also Read – Viral Video: Man Dances to Papon's Humnava at Delhi's Connaught Place, Internet Praises Him | Watch

The prescription is written by Dr Nithin Narayanan, who has been working at a Community Health Centre (CHC) in Palakkad’s Nenmara for the last three years. The post was shared on Facebook by Bency SD which featured a super-neat prescription written by Dr Nithin Narayanan. The doctor actually wrote in clear block letters, which made the prescription extremely easy to read. Also Read – Viral Video: Astronaut Does Yoga in Space & Strikes 'Garudasana' Pose, Netizens Are in Awe | Watch

Speaking with Asianet, Dr Nithin Narayanan said he likes writing and has always had a good handwriting. “My sister used to make me write in four-lined notebooks when I was a child. I love writing, so even when I write a prescription I try to write in block letters,” he was quoted as saying. “Maybe because I love to write, I write my prescriptions in block letters. The other doctors write illegibly because maybe they are busy. I try my best to write prescriptions legibly even when I’m busy. Patients often appreciate this,” he said. Also Read – Viral Video: Robot Runs 100 Meters in 24.73 Seconds, Breaks Guinness World Record | Watch

Talking about his now-viral fame, he told The South First, “I came to know about my handwriting being spoken about only after it [photo of the prescription] went viral. It was unexpected but this is a good feeling,”Dr Narayanan completed his MBBS from Thrissur Medical College and MD from Jawaharlal Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education & Research (JIPMER).

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