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Viral Video: Buffalo Herd Tosses Lion Cub In The Air With Their Horns Like Football. Watch

Viral Video Today: Buffaloes are known as one of the favourite meals of lions. They are big animals with a lot of meat so if lions manage to hunt a buffalo, they don’t have to hunt for about five days. However, a buffalo is not an easy kill for lionesses, who do the hunting for their pride. Lion cubs learn by closely watching their mothers and the other lionesses in their pride. They rely on the care of the elders in their pride until they’re a minimum of 16 months in age.Also Read – Viral Video: Mother Giraffe Saves Her Baby From Lioness, Makes Her Run. Watch

Usually, a pack of adult lions hunts together if they want to take down a buffalo as they can be flipped with their horns and harmed. A lion cub who was either hunting or trying to ambush a buffalo as its prey ended up in a dangerous situation himself when the herd of buffaloes surrounded him. The buffaloes could be seen angrily tossing the lion in the air like he’s a football. The lion cub could be seen being thrown around brutally several times. Also Read – Viral Video: Elephant Attacks Lioness, She Runs Away Like A Scared Little Cat. Watch

The clip was shared on Instagram by the page ‘earth.reel’ and has received over 1 million views. Netizens were shocked to see the tables turn and a lion being attacked by buffaloes. However, many netizens said it was just the lion’s ‘karma’. A user asked, “Are they playing football?” Another user commented, “Revenge.” A third user wrote, “It’s a natural proccess called karma.” Also Read – Viral Video: Lion Teases Sleeping Lioness, Her Angry Reaction Will Make Him Regret It For Life. Watch


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Hunt with your mom until you’re fully able to take on a buffalo!

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