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Viral Video: Chor Walks Away With Bike While Talking To Owner, Gets Caught Red Handed  

Chor Ka Video: It’s common to hear about chain snatchings, phone’s being pickpocketed, bikes and cars being stolen from under people’s houses in India. But what you may not have heard about is a thief stealing a motorbike in a public place, in broad daylight, in front of its owner. However, the thief’s attempt at stealing the bike did not go planned as he was caught red handed.Also Read – Caught on CCTV: Chor Aunty Fools Jeweller, Steals Gold In Front Of Him. Watch Viral Video

In the clip, a thief is walking on a road, pushing someone’s motorbike away. The owner of the bike was vigilant and spotted the thief quickly and followed him with his friend. The man was also recording the whole interaction with thief. The two friends approach the bike thief and ask him when he bought the two-wheeler. The thief responds saying two weeks ago. The man then asks him what’s the number of his bike. Also Read – 'Chor Parivar' Held In Delhi For Rs 1 Crore Jewellery Theft

The thief then checks the number plate, but the man tells him the number without looking. “Ask me how I know the number,” the man says. “How,” the thief asks. “Because it’s my bike,” he reveals and then his friend grabs the thief. The video was shared on Instagram by a meme page ‘videonation.teb’ with the following caption: “tuje kya lga hum dhakka lgane aaye the.” It has received over 17.6k views and 1.6k likes. “Kya chor Banega re tu,” the text over the video said. Also Read – Viral Video: Chor Girl Tries To Steal Plant From Road, Gets Instant Karma. Watch


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Netizens found the video hilarious and flooded the comments with laughing emojis.

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