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Caught on CCTV: Chor Aunty Fools Jeweller, Steals Gold In Front Of Him. Watch Viral Video

Viral Video Today: A video is going viral on social media where a woman can be seen stealing gold from a jewellery store right in front of the shopkeeper. The video shows a woman and two men sitting in a jewellery shop and being shown some gold ornaments by the shopkeeper. The woman dressed in a yellow saree with the ghunghat draped over her face is looking at small gold jewellery.Also Read – Viral Video: Chor Girl Tries To Steal Plant From Road, Gets Instant Karma. Watch

The jeweller is busy picking out gold pieces from a bag, laying them on a suede cloth, and showing it to the customers one by one. When he’s picking out more pieces to show them, the woman sneakily swipes a piece of the cloth and the man sitting beside her adjusts the pieces to make it seem nothing is missing from the table. The jeweller then empties the whole bag of options so his customers can pick the designs that they like themselves. Also Read – Viral Video: Man Gets Distracted By Woman Asking For Help, Loses Wallet To Chorni. Watch

During this, the shopkeeper was looking down and when we mixed the few pieces with the rest of the lot, it would be hard spotting that one piece is missing. The three thieves posing as customers then pretend they didn’t like anything and quickly leave the store. While they managed to fool the jeweller and steal gold from right under his nose, they were caught on CCTV.


As the video went viral on social media, netizens were shocked at how cleverly the woman swiped gold when the shopkeeper was distracted.

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