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College Boy Plays Pasoori On Veena, Crowd Goes Crazy. Viral Video Has 19 Million Views

Viral Video Today: If you are a music aficionado, you must have heard Coke Studio Season 14 track Pasoori, that is making waves across the globe. The beautiful Pakistani song, sung by Ali Sethi and Shae Gill, is the current obsession of all music lovers and has captured many a hearts worldwide for its visual appeal, melodious music, and soulful lyrics. Many artists and dancers have made videos using the trending song. Now, a video is going crazy viral on Instagram where a college student can be seen playing Pasoori on a classical Indian music Instrument – veena, which is similar to a sitar.Also Read – Viral Video: Cab Driver Sings In Traffic Jam Amid Delhi Rains, Wins Hearts Online. Watch

The reel was shared by the user ‘sumatindra_veena’ with the following caption: ‘Here’s the younger generation ka sensation’. It shows a young man sitting on the stage as the background music of Pasoori starts playing and all the students erupt in loud cheers. As the crowd’s hooting calms down a little, the student starts playing the song on veena. Also Read – Viral Video: Pune Cop Sings Coke Studio Song Pasoori, Internet Says 'Chaa Gaye Guru' | Watch

As the main line of the song comes, the musician plays every note beautifully and nails the vibrato as well, making the veena cover of the song sound better than the original. The crowd can be heard wooing and cheering as student performs the fast portion of the song perfectly. Also Read – Viral Video: Man Sings Pasoori With Wrong Lyrics and Besuri Voice, Netizens Can Relate. Watch


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The reel has received over 19.6 million views and 2.5 million likes. Netizens are obsessed with this veena cover of their most loved song Pasoori and even the audience’s reaction. Many users said they watched the reel on a loop. “That hooting,” a user commented. “I wish i could be there,” another user wrote. “Perfection ho to aisa ho,” a third user wrote.

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