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Viral Video: Cow Poops All Over ATM, Then Sits In Front Of It. Man Covers Nose To Withdraw Money

Trending News: If something happens in the world, it ends up on social media or news websites within seconds. If something bizarre happens, then it definitely ends up on social media and also goes viral. One such incident has surfaced on various platforms that has left netizens speechless. A cow apparently mistook an ATM booth as a gaushala. It seems the cow likes being in the AC, more than its non-AC stable with other cows. But it didn’t settle in the ATM booth as it was, first the cow made it a little homey.Also Read – Viral Video: Ferocious Pitbull Attacks a Cow in Kanpur, Bites Its Jaw & Refuses to Let Go | Watch

The incident is from the village of Rewa in Madhya Pradesh. A journalist shared a video on Twitter where a local man can be seen having trouble withdrawing money from an ATM machine which is covered in cowdung. The floor is also covered in cowdung and the cow is sitting in front of the ATM machine, like it owns all the money inside it. Also Read – Viral Video: Man Dances to 'Maar Daala' Song Infront of A Cow, Watch What Happened Next

The man can be seen covering his nose with his T-shirt and carefully stepping on the tiny clean spot to withdraw cash from the machine. The journalist said in the tweet that the video was filmed by the man’s nephew. The video has received over 36k views and has left netizens grossed out. A few netizens who were concerned about the cow said it’s diarrhea might be due to a sickness and it should be taken to a vet. Also Read – Viral Video: Cow Feeds Milk To Abandoned Puppies, Netizens Say It Happens Only in India. Watch


एटीएम में गाय ने गोबर किया, नाक बंद किए चाचा का रिएक्शन वायरल

मध्यप्रदेश के रीवा के नईगढ़ी का ये वीडियो वायरल हो रहा है जहां ATM बूथ को गाय ने घर बना रखा है। और एक व्यक्ति नाक दबाए पैसे निकालने पहुंचा है।

ये वीडियो व्यक्ति के भतीजे ने रिकार्ड किया है। pic.twitter.com/084ecYsye2

— Shubhankar Mishra (@shubhankrmishra) September 22, 2022

Other Twitter users were just disgusted and appalled on seeing the video. “I hope she’s there because of AC,” a user joked. A user commented, “More than cow it is important to pay attention to the fact that where was the ATM guard.” “But generally there are security guards at an ATM. How did the cow enter the booth?” another user questioned.

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