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Fierce Fight Breaks Between 2 Bengaluru College Girls As They Hit & Slap Each Other | Watch

Bengaluru: Every day or the other, amusing, weird and funny videos go viral on the internet, capturing the interest of users. One such video that is being widely shared on social media is of a crazy fight that broke between 2 girls in a Bengaluru college. The incident took place at the canteen of Dayananda Sagar College of Engineering in Bengaluru. At first, the two are involved in a heated argument which soon tuned into a fist fight. The girls are seen hitting, slapping, pushing and pointing fingers at each other during an argument.Also Read – Viral Video: Golden Retriever Dog Dressed As 'Bat Dog' For Halloween Will Melt Your Heart

The reason behind the fight isn’t clear. Meanwhile, students are seen shouting and cheering them instead of trying to break up the fight. Also Read – Viral Video: Cardboard Used As Makeshift Plaster on Patient's Fractured Leg at MP's Bhind Hospital | Watch


Kalesh B/w Two Girls In College Canteen (DSCE, Bangalore) pic.twitter.com/E5b165yH2w

— r/Ghar Ke Kalesh (@gharkekalesh) October 9, 2022

A similar incident was recently captured on CCTV that showed 2 women getting into a fierce catfight over a weight machine. In the video, a woman in pink tights is waiting for her turn to use a weight machine. Just then, another woman in a green t-shirt rushes towards that machine and pushes her. Both the women then get into a fight, slap each other and pull each other’s hair.

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