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Viral Video: Journalist Uses Condom To Keep Microphone Dry For Reporting During Hurricane Ian

Viral Video Today: Residents in central Florida donned fishing waders, boots and bug spray and canoed or kayaked to their homes on streets where floodwaters continued rising on Sunday despite it being four days since Hurricane Ian tore through the state. Hurricane Ian killed at least 68 people, including 61 in Florida. Hundreds of thousands of people and businesses remained without power as of Sunday night.Also Read – Hurricane Ian Death Toll Soars to 76; Over 4,000 People Rescued So Far in Florida

A few days ago, as journalists covered rescue efforts in Florida, TV viewers found comic relief on seeing a local journalist reporting on the ground in Ft. Myers, FL, during Hurricane Ian while having a condom wrapped on her microphone. After pictures of NBC2’s Kyla Galer reporting with a condom on her microphone went viral on Twitter, netizens were so intrigued by the journalist’s mic that she felt obligated to set the record straight. Also Read – Viral Video: Shark Spotted Swimming in Flooded Streets Of Florida After Hurricane Ian

It’s either use a condom with a reservoir tip or have a mic go out. Vet move right here. pic.twitter.com/4GUDmubQGA

— Joe Kinsey (@JoeKinseyexp) September 28, 2022

In a video shared by NowThis on Twitter, the reporter can be heard saying, “A lot of people are asking what is on my microphone. It is what you think it is. It’s a condom. It helps protect the gear. We can’t get these mics wet. There’s a lot of wind and rain. So we gotta do what we gotta do, that is put a condom on the microphone.”


There’s resourceful, and then there’s RESOURCEFUL: NBC2’s Kyla Galer went viral on Wednesday for using a condom to keep her microphone dry while reporting on the ground in Ft. Myers, FL, during Hurricane Ian. pic.twitter.com/V8fZvPZ1oR

— NowThis (@nowthisnews) October 2, 2022

The video has gone viral with over 66k views.

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