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Viral Video: Lion Teases Sleeping Lioness, Her Angry Reaction Will Make Him Regret It For Life

Sher Sherni Ka Video: While it may look like the lionesses do all the work in the pride, lions play an important role. While they do eat more than the lionesses and bring in far less food as they hunt less than 10 percent of the time, males patrol, mark, and guard the pride’s territory. Lions, both male and female, commonly sleep anywhere from 15 to 21 hours each day. Given how much energy lionesses spend while hunting and taking care of the cubs, the females really deserve the rest, more than lions. However, this restless lion didn’t let his lioness have her much-deserved afternoon nap, so he faced the consequences for it.Also Read – Lioness Enters Party, Climbs Tree To Attack Guest. Viral Video Stuns Netizens. Watch

A video going viral on social media shows a lioness sleeping peacefully in the middle of a pathway in a forest. From the other side, a slide sneakily tip-toes towards her, then bites her to play with her. This makes the tired lioness furious, so she attacks the lion angrily. Also Read – Viral Video: Lioness Gets Stuck In Massive Stampede Of Zebras, Reminds Netizens of Lion King. Watch

The lion could be seen backing away from the outraged lioness and it seems like he learnt his lesson of never disturbing a sleeping lioness. The video was shared on Twitter by the user ‘bkbuc’ with the following caption: “This is how the lion jokes”. It has received over 141k views and 1,200 likes. Also Read – Viral Video: Lone Elephant Fights For His Life Against 14 Lionesses. Watch Who Wins


هكذا يمزح الاسد 😍 pic.twitter.com/32x79mqi6O

— عالم الحيوان (@bkbuc) August 13, 2022

LOL! King of the jungle turns into a scaredy cat in front of a lioness.

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