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Man Finds Rafflesia, The Largest Flower in The World, While Walking Through Forest in Indonesia | Watch

Viral Video: Taking a walk through a forest is a fantastic outdoor activity that’s good for your body and brain. Recently, a man who was trekking through a forest in Indonesia, stumbled upon a rare corpse flower in the wild. Turns out, the flower is Rafflesia arnoldii, the largest in the world, and is known for its overpoweringly stinky odor it emits while mid-bloom. Found in the rainforests of Indonesia, it can grow to be 3 feet across and weigh up to 15 pounds. A video shared by Now This on Twitter shows the giant flower lying on the ground in the wilderness. The red flower, in full bloom, has five petals with white spots.Also Read – Viral Video: Man Dances to Papon's Humnava at Delhi's Connaught Place, Internet Praises Him | Watch

“A man came across a rare corpse flower in the wild while walking through a forest in Indonesia. The flower, whose scientific name is the rafflesia arnoldii, is the largest in the world and one of the rarest, as it only fully blooms for an approx 4-day window,” read the caption of the clip. Also Read – Viral Video: Astronaut Does Yoga in Space & Strikes 'Garudasana' Pose, Netizens Are in Awe | Watch


A man came across this rare flower while walking through an Indonesian forest. The rafflesia arnoldii is the largest flower in the world & only blooms for a couple of days. It is colloquially known as a corpse flower for the overpoweringly stinky odor it emits while mid-bloom. pic.twitter.com/LJmJDgfpqd

— NowThis (@nowthisnews) September 28, 2022

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Users were left fascinated by the flower and had  lot of queries and comments. One user quipped, “Could this be what Stranger Things got their Demogorgon idea from?” Another said, “It looks like something out of aliens.” A third added, “It tricks flies into landing on it, thinking it’s a corpse. But they get nothing from the deal. They just help spread the flower’s pollen.”

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