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Viral Video: Man Kicks Cow, Twists Its Tail, Gets a Good Beating In Return. Watch

Viral Video Today: Cows are considered sacred in India and are even worshipped. A video has surfaced on social media that has left netizens outraged and also hurt their religious sentiments. The video was shared on Twitter by the ‘gharkekalesh’ and has gone viral with 48k views.Also Read – Viral Video: Elephant Crossing The Road Nearly Gets Hit By Woman Driving Scooter. Watch

It shows one man pulling the rope of a tied-up cow from a distance and another man standing near the cow, kicking the cow for not moving. After throwing a hard kick at the cow, the man twists the cow’s tail in his hand aggressively. The cow tries to get away for him but when the man continues to hurt the animal, it gets angry and attacks the man. Also Read – Viral Video: Dog Driving Toy Car Runs Away After Being Stopped By Cops To Be Fined. Watch

The cow could be seen running towards the man while the other man fails to control it with the rope. The cow then angrily kicks the man, who falls down, and then stomps on him. The man is dragged across stairs and the concrete lane as the cow kicks him back. Also Read – Viral Video: Hyderabad Man & His Bike Swept Away Due to Heavy Rains, Locals Rescue Him | Watch


Kalesh With Animal (Cow-Gang Assemble 💪) pic.twitter.com/JaOHU7WjRo

— r/Ghar Ke Kalesh (@gharkekalesh) October 13, 2022

Outraged netizens called it ‘instant karma’ and said the man deserved the beating from the cow as he had hit ‘gau mata’. “Jaisa karoge waisa bharoge,” a user commented. “Bahut accha kiya .. Gauvansh ko laat maari usne..Mil gaya result,” another user wrote. “Don’t know why but this is so satisfying,” a third user wrote.

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