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Rajasthan Village Holds Funeral Procession For Beloved Monkey, Cremate Him As Per Hindu Rituals

Alwar: For many people, pets hold a lot of emotional significance and losing a beloved animal can be quite painful and distressing. Human-animal bond is very special and for animal lovers, their pets are like family members. Nowadays, many owners try to give their pets a befitting farewell by conducting dignified last rites, as they do for other humans. One such story of love has emerged from Rajasthan’s Alwar where residents of the village held a funeral procession with ‘band-baaja’ for their beloved monkey. The monkey died after being electrocuted after stepping on an electric wire on Saturday and the villagers gave him a befitting farewell by conducting his last rites.Also Read – Viral Video: Woman Bank Manager Fights Off Armed Robber With Pliers, Bravery Lauded Online | Watch

A 2 KM long funeral procession was held by the locals, and the funeral procession was taken out on a handcart decorated with flowers and balloons. The last rites of the monkey was performed as per to Hindu rituals and a bhandara ceremony was done on the next day. A video shared on Twitter shows a few villagers taking out the procession with a music band. Also Read – Viral Video: Drunk Passenger Bites Flight Attendant's Finger; Forces Turkish Airlines To Make Emergency Landing


करंट लगने से हुई बंदर की मौत, गाने-बाजे के साथ निकली शव यात्रा | Unseen India pic.twitter.com/d1o8xwJMTI

— UnSeen India (@USIndia_) October 17, 2022

In many parts of India, monkeys are revered and worshipped as they are believed to be Hanuman’s army that helped lord Rama invade Lanka. A simian’s death is considered inauspicious since a monkey is believed to be a symbol of Lord Hanuman.

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