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Viral Video: Cardboard Used As Makeshift Plaster on Patient’s Fractured Leg at MP’s Bhind Hospital | Watch

Bhopal: In a shocking incident that raises questions about public health services , a cardboard was used by the medical staff of a hospital in Madhya Pradesh’s Bhind instead of Plaster of Paris bandage to dress up the fractured leg of a patient. A video that surfaced on the social media shows a cardboard tied around a man’s leg. Surprisingly, the medical staff defended the usage of the cardboard, saying “it was done to give support to the fractured leg and stop bleeding”. The man was rushed to the hospital after he injured his leg in a road accident.Also Read – Viral Video: Goat Seen Praying, Kneeling Down to Lord Shiva During Aarti At Kanpur Temple | Watch


देख रहे हैं @ChouhanShivraj जी, आपने मध्यप्रदेश की स्वास्थ्य व्यवस्था को कितना बढ़िया बना दिया है।

पीएचसी में प्लास्टर करने की व्यवस्था नहीं थी, इसलिए गत्ता बांधकर रेफर कर दिया।
वीडियो- @Anurag_Dwary pic.twitter.com/68NKVFfvWK

— आदित्य शुभम् 🇮🇳 آدتیہ شبھم Aditya Subham (@aditya_shashi) October 9, 2022

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Later, it emerged that the health staff used the cardboard as Plaster of Paris bandage — usually used on fractured limb — was not available at the health centre. According to sources, due to unavailability of the regular plasters, the medical staff often use cardboard as temporary bandage when injured persons are brought to the hospital. Also Read – Viral Video: Black Leopard Hunts Deer Under Glaring Spotlight, Internet is Furious | Watch

“This particular incident was revealed as a video surfaced on social media but such episodes have occurred earlier as well. The doctor or other health staff should not be blamed for such things because they provide treatment without having proper facilities. If plaster bandage was not available, it is not the staff’s mistake. Question should never raised against those are responsible to provide medical kits to the hospital and management of the hospital,” said a medical staff requesting anonymity.

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