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Viral Video: Vendor Makes Golgappa Shake By Mixing Puri, Chutney, Pani, Netizens Say Please Stop

Viral Video Today: We have recently come across several bizarre food experiments with foods that should never ever be mixed together like ice cream and butter chicken or maggi and mango. Another such food experiment is going viral which has left netizens disgusted. It seems these food experiments are being done for the purpose or gaining attention on social media by triggering netizens.Also Read – Viral Video: Chef Serves Butter Chicken Ice Cream With Mint Chutney, Netizens Say No Thanks

The recent food combo that has left netizens outraged and grossed out as a street vendor ruined people’s favourite street food – golgappe. The video shows a vendor making a golgappa shake by putting chutney, mashed potatoes, puris and jaljeera pani in a mixer. The result is a weird orange-coloured drink topped with crushed papri and a dry puri. Also Read – Viral Video: Angry Boy Snatches Cone From Turkish Ice Cream Vendor, Leaves Internet in Hysterics. Watch

The video has gone viral with over 838k views and 11k likes. As expected, netizens were triggered by the unusual drink with most of them saying that golgappas should not be ruined. “Aise logo ko ban karo,” a user commented. “Jehar mila lo aur pee k maar jao ya banane walai,” another angry user wrote. “Or kya kya dekhne ko baki h,” a third user commented.


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Will you ever try this golgappa shake?

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