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Woman Eats Burger While Skydiving & Does A Happy Little Dance, Internet Thrilled | Watch

Vial Video: Thrill and adventure seekers often push their limits of exploration to taste new experiences. Taking it up a notch, a skydiver recently left the internet in awe when she enjoyed a burger mid-air. The woman identified as McKenna Knipe, is an Instagram influencer, who often shares incredible videos of her jaw-dropping stunts. In her recent video, she combined her love of food and adventure and also found a way to promote small businesses. The video shows her unwrapping a whopper, following which she gorges on the burger, taking one bite after another. She is so excited that she even does a little happy dance mid-air. Knipe is seen thoroughly enjoying the food while hanging thousands of feet up in the air.Also Read – Viral Video: Bride & Her Girl Squad Rock The Dance Floor With Their Stunning Performance on Bollywood Songs | Watch

Sharing the video, she wrote, “One of the OG’s. @impossible_foods whopper tastes even BETTER at 10,000 feet! 😎 thanks for the ride and the chow my frands.” Also Read – Viral Video: Elephant Spotted Enjoying Panipuris At Roadside Stall in Assam, Internet Says 'What a Cutie' | Watch


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Instagram users were thrilled after watching the video, and shared a variety of comments. One user said, “Wow! This is incredible.” Another commented, “Mukbang on air.” Another joked saying, “I was wondering how I randomly got hit by a half eaten impossible whopper.”

A few days back, Knipe was also seen relishing a pie mid-air.  In a video of the same, she opened up a huge box of pie that she sourced from Napoleon Café in Michigan. As she enjoyed the pie like a child, she also gave flying kisses to an aeroplane passing by her.

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