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Vladimir Putin’s Nuclear Threats Are No Joke, Warns Joe Biden, Compares Situation To ‘Armageddon’

Vladimir Putin’s Nuclear Threats: The fierce war between Russia and Ukraine has been going on for the last several months. The situation still remains explosive on the ground, so the possibility of a nuclear attack is also not being ruled out. Now US President Joe Biden has also made a big statement on the Russia-Ukraine war. He has insisted that the world has drawn closer to “Armageddon”, reports aajtak.in. Actually, the word Armageddon is used in the Bible. It means that the world is about to fight its last war. It is considered the most destructive war that will destroy the world.Also Read – Biden Vows 'Consequences' for Saudis After OPEC+ Cuts Output

Now Joe Biden has used this word for the Russo-Ukraine war. His statement shows that the situation on the ground remains worrying and that Russian President Vladimir Putin’s nuclear threats are no joke. Also Read – ‘His Hands Will Be Completely Covered In Ukrainian Blood’: How New Russian Commander Is Described

Joe Biden warns the world

About this, President Joe Biden says that Vladimir Putin is not joking when he talks about using nuclear weapons. The last time we saw the Armageddon  like situation was during the Cuban Missile Crisis. Also Read – Ukraine Emergency Services Put Entire Country On ‘High Alert’ As Calls For ‘Retaliation’ Grow Louder In Moscow

Now this statement from Joe Biden has come at a time when the Russian President is constantly threatening a nuclear attack while Ukraine has dismissed the threats as bluff, but Russia is maintaining its aggressive stance. Putin himself is saying that he is going to take all possible steps to protect his country. His saying so much has increased the possibility of a nuclear attack.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy is not paying much attention to these threats. He says that his army has liberated many areas from Russian occupation and in many areas, the Russian army has been driven back.

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