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‘Want to Vomit’: Swiss Version of Gujarati Snack Dabeli Disgusts Netizens | See Pic

Viral News: Nowadays, it has become a trend for netizens to try out bizarre food combinations. While some of these fusion dishes are interesting, others just don’t make sense. After a volley of weird fusion dishes, the newest addition to this is a Swiss version of a Gujarati snack called dabeli. While dabeli is a famous snack in Gujarat, fondue is a Swiss melted cheese dish. The fusion dish showed a bowl full of spicy curry, topped with peanuts instead of the typical melted cheese container. The curry was served with pav cut into bite-sized pieces.Also Read – Viral Video: Adorable Lion Cub Sneaks Up on Mom, Scares Her in Hilarious Video | Watch

Kunal Sawardekar shared the pictures and wrote, “Switzerland: Neutrality is a core element of our foreign policy – we haven’t been at war with another country since 1815.” Also Read – Viral Video: Buffalo Starts Dancing Like Woman, Leaves Kids In Splits. Watch

India: Let us test your commitment to that principle pic.twitter.com/f98H9NPv0c

— Kunal Sawardekar (@smugdekar) September 30, 2022

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As expected, many took to Twitter to slam the fusion dish, calling it disgusting, while others said that they wouldn’t mind trying it. “And here I was thinking dumplings baked into a pizza was the worst culinary experiment,” wrote one user. Another commented, “Want to ABSOLUTELY vomit :)))))) Who hurt you like this.” A third said, “Fondue? I’m all up for food culture fusion but you have to stop somewhere.

Recently, another bizarre food combo earned the wrath of citizens. In the video, a chef was seen serving scoops of orange-coloured butter chicken ice cream and topping it with mint chutney in clay bowls. Instagram users were triggered after watching the chef serve the butter chicken ice cream. Foodies expressed their anger at the fusion dish with savage comments

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