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Weekly Tarot Card Prediction as Per Zodiac Sign: Sagittarians Should Stop Confronting, Leos Shouldn’t Resist

Weekly Tarot Card Prediction as Per Zodiac Sign: When we don’t trust in ourselves, we may feel out of alignment or anxious about our situation. Let’s see what is the hidden Tarot Message this week, shedding some light on this situation as shared by Kinnari Raval.Also Read – Horoscope Today, October 2, Sunday: Taurus Should be Careful in Relationships, Leos Must Take Care of Their Jewellery


  • Aries: All that shines is NOT gold. Take care, do not get carried away just by appearance. Microanalysis of a situation is recommended before proceeding with anything.
  • Taurus: Great results and life-changing decisions are on the horizon. Be receptive to new breaks. Be open and communicate your plans but maintain caution. Celebration and donations may make you feel at peace this week.
  • Gemini: Release yourself from anxiety by seeking advice on your condition. Chances of new opportunities and new plans in place are anticipated. Feeling stressed is due to being blind to the situation you are encountering. Accept it and proceed with a new vision in life.
  • Cancer: Let go of the self-made barriers and live in tranquillity. Allow yourself to enjoy the moment by liberating the conflict. Being welcoming sometimes is more favourable.
  • Leo: Don’t resist. Direct your skills, knowledge and power for the betterment of all and just do not confine these energies to yourself. Share and grow with the best resources that you already possess.
  • Virgo: Balance your emotions. What you see so far is coming to you. Success is there but just remember, after every night, there is a day and vice-versa. Be positive.
  • Libra: Feeling pain? Go get checked. Health is a concern this week. For some, you may need to get punctual and bring in discipline in life to be able to achieve your dreams.
  • Scorpio: Spend time to reflect on the past and be in control of yourself rather than others. In your courage lies your success and meaningful life.
  • Sagittarius: Confront and focus on the positive side of a situation rather than being rebellious. Accept it and you will be able to enjoy the moment and live comfortably.
  • Capricorn: Try and look beyond what you see and you may encounter an opportunity. Stop overthinking, and be cool and calm to allow your development to materialize.
  • Aquarius: Time to rest for some while for others, it’s time to share the invaluable to be able to achieve success. Need to bring discipline to yourself and reduce the stress from others.
  • Pisces: Time to take action and seek help to be able to reach the completion. Disconnection and re-connections are indicated. It’s time to understand where your powers lie and make use of them now.

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