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World Mental Health Day: How Companies Are Helping Employees Cope-Up With Mental Challenges

World Mental Health Day: Post-pandemic mental health has become the talk of the town. It’s no more just a conversation of elites. Mental Health, is now a terminology that can be found in multiple social media posts, blogs and so much more. The service sector is now realisng the importance of the mental well-being of its employees.Also Read – 24×7 Tele-mental Health Service 'Tele-MANAS' Launched In 20 States, UTs

The taboo attached to mental health seems to be fading now. People are recognising the need for addressing this issue more seriously. Companies are also bringing changes at the policy level to ensure the mental well-being of employees. Also Read – World Mental Day 2022: 5 Ways to Become Mentally Stronger in Life

How Companies Are Going Extra Mile To Address Mental Health Of Employees

  1. Companies are now engaging more with their employees with regard to mental health.
  2. The organisations are providing support systems, access to mental wellness experts, emphasis on work-life balance, and mental wellness holidays to help employees deal with the issue.
  3. Now, more than ever organisations are prioritising employee mental health for an assortment of reasons that include enhancing productivity and helping staff to foster a balance between professional demands and personal life.
  4. Employers are now trying to de-stigmatising mental health issues.
  5. Post-pandemic companies are making flexible policies for the workplace keeping in mind the requirements of their employees.
  6. Encouraging employees to opt for WFH.
  7. The companies are also providing facilities such as meditation, pranayama, mental health webinars etc to ease stress.
  8. Companies are also offering paid time offs.

Though the companies are finally taking note but tackling mental health issues will need a lot more and will take a lot of time. Also Read – Deepika Padukone Credits Her Mother For Identifying Her Depression: 'I Don't Know What State I Would be in Today'

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